The idea of a Gallery grew from creating a space to primarily display my Hand painted silks under the brand name of Kamnibyfatimahamid, and my friends Arts and Craft.Having specialised and majored in Miniature painting from National College of Arts Lahore, my earlier work on silk represented tighter linear lines. Since then my focus has been on flowing brush strokes and patterns and textures created by colour. I felt comfortable in my ability to curate and promote works of Arts and Crafts and I wanted to share the lovely space we live in, the organic vegetables we farm, and the joy of living a life closer to nature. Realising the impact of a large space with big windows overlooking green fields was special. Rafeh Abbasi of ‘Manzil Studios’ worked with me in actualizing a black and white pared down industrial look to the space.I invite people to come and view the Art and Craft pieces I specially curate.

– Fatima Hamid

Friends of 8B2

Fatima Hamid | Founder 8B2 & Founder Kamni

Ümair Zia | Polymath

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Amna El-Edroos | Visual Artist